The Awaken Method with Christine Agro - October 2017

Master Your Life with this Simple Process

The Awaken Method is a set of energetic tools that will set you on a journey of living life consciously, fully and in alignment with your own Spirit.

Learn seven powerful tools that create a simple daily practice that can change how you see,understand and experience your life.

You'll learn - Grounding (x2), Alignment, Neutrality, Energetic Boundaries, Filling In, and Energy Clearing and throughout our six classes, Christine will share insights into our Spiritual journey that can also change how you see, understand and experience your life.

You get a set of tools that set you off on a journey to create a life you love, gain spiritual insight and guidance for your own journey, experience a community of women growing and evolving.

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Starts Saturday October 21, 2017 @ 10 AM ET

Christine Agro has been teaching The Awaken Method for nearly 20 years. As her work is derived from her own connection to Spirit and the Collective Consciousness, she has kept advancing this method to keep pace with the growing Spiritual awareness of those who are stepping into the light. As well as acknowledging the incresing speed at which many are shifting into awareness today.

Why is this important? Because many teachers create their programs and never change them and that may work for some, but if you are here, exploring The Awaken Method, then you are a part of a soul clan that likes to learn, go deep, create true change.

Via Online Meeting. All classes will be recorded if you need to miss one.

"The tools really help me to determine my next steps when I am hit with anxiety about something. By clearing the energy out of my space, I am able to release the anxiety associated with it and look at it from a point of clarity and neutrality. This gives me an opportunity to see it for what it is, understand who it truly belongs to and determine why it was in my space and then release it fully." Cappy


Is This Course Magic? Will It Fix Everything? No, and no. Although sometimes this work can seem like it's magic, it does require that you show up and apply the tools that are being taught. We will start with sitting in our Awaken state for 15 minutes and then work to grow that to an hour daily. The tools require use and practice - it's like developing energetic muscle. Just like you would need to go to the gym or have some sort of dedication to your work out practice, the same is required here. (But we do have fun and everyone is at their only place and pace.)

Can I get a refund? You can get a refund up until the program starts. After that, there are no refunds. If you hit energy that starts to grumble with you about the program, reach out to me. I always tell students, if you don't feel well, if you feel distracted or pulled in another direction, it's usually energy that is challenging you and asking you, 'do you really want to take this step?' It's asking you to step consciously. Also remember that this program is here for you indefinitely. So if energy gets up in your way, maybe it's a timing thing and circle back to the recordings when they call you. And always, always, reach out to me.

What if I can't get into class? It happens all the time. You are moving energy and whenever we move energy, technology can be effective. My advice is always the same - take a breath, ground, release frustration, find amusement, align (use whatever tools you have learned to-date) and try again. Try a few times and if you still can't get into class, trust you will get the information when you are meant to and make it a point to do the recording.

Do I need to have experience? This is all new to me. You don't need experience. Everyone starts somewhere. In the program people will be at all different levels and what it really offers you is an opportunity to use the tools and be where you are. And let me know what you are experiencing during class because I can look at it during class and let you know what I see going on.

Nothing is inconsequential with this work. So not a question, but a statement, from me. Nothing in this work is inconsequential. Things that happen, things you experience, the way you feel, it all has meaning and it all will lead you to learning, healing and growing. So share.

Have more questions? Let me know.

Your Instructor

Christine Agro
Christine Agro

Christine Agro has been helping people create lives that they love for almost 20 years now. She has a unique gift of being able to see everything as energy, and through that gift, helps people understand how and why their lives unfold as they do, plus offer tools that when used, create real and positive change.

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