Thrive During The Holidays: A Powerful Conversation Series

12 Experts Discuss 12 Ways To Support Yourself Energetically

This is a conversation series that happened November 2016 with 12 Experts whose work offers insight, guidance and tools for highly sensitive women.

Our sensitivity is often seen as a curse, but viewed through these 12 conversations you will come to see how your sensitivity can be a gift because it allows you access many modalities that work energetically. These experts share their expertise not only explain how and why their work can support you, but also share suggestions as to what to use, what to do and how to make the most of the modalities they discuss.

Meet Your Experts:

Christine Agro: Anatomy of an Empath

Christine Agro shares her insight into the energetic nature of Empaths and Sensitives.

She explains how energy impacts us, what this means for your well-being and how we can better support ourselves.

By understanding how energy impacts us, we can then find ways to support ourselves, which is the whole intention of this Powerful Conversation Series - being introduced to information, modalities and ideas that will help you create real change in our own life.

Kathy Biehl: How Will The Planets Affect Us This Holiday?

Kathy Biehl is renowned for her 'Astrology You Can Use.' During our Powerful Conversation Series, she is sharing two major planetary happenings, lets us know what types of experiences will be fueled by these happenings and shares some thoughts on how you can work with, rather than against the energies at play.

Fiona Morris: Plant Healers: Simple & Effective Support

Fiona Morris is is The Natural Healing Guide, a celebrant of soulful self care. Through her Nourish and Flourish holistic wellness service, Fiona inspires her clients and community to harness the healing power of nature and encourages growth through connection with our body's innate wisdom.

Fiona shares specific herbs that help to reduce anxiety, stress and sleeplessness. These herbs are safe, common and easy to use.

Fiona will also explore several different ways to access the supportive power of herbs.

Jeanine Crombé: Tapping: Simple and Effective Energy Support

Jeanine Crombé is frequently called an Angel of Hope because of her highly skilled facilitation of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Jeanine introduces us to the technique of tapping away our energetic blocks and explains how you can use this simple but powerful technique to help support yourself during the holidays and beyond.

Indira Riden: Meditation and Mindfulness

Indira Bhagavati Riden is the Spiritual Head of The Temple of the Inner Self. Indira is sharing with us the power of Meditation to help prepare ourselves and sustain ourselves throughout the Holidays.

Indira believes that we can change our lives through 10 minutes of meditation a day, don't miss our powerful conversation to find out how.

Christine Agro: The Power of Flowers

Christine Agro's background is comprised of a collection of energetic tools and insight that has enabled her to support people in their own healing and growth. She believe in empowering people's DIY ability to create real change in their own lives.

Because of her fascination with 'how and why' she has not only worked with Flower essences and Essential Oils, but she has looked at how and why they support us. Find out the difference between these two modalites and how and why the are tailor-made for Empaths and highly-sensitive people.

Shannon Nickerson: Don't Eat That!

Shannon Lee Nickerson is a Health and Stress Management coach who gives women the tools and support to lose weight and sustain it, to sleep through the night, and to build the stamina they need to lead an extraordinary life.

We'll be exploring the role certain foods have in intensifying our feelings of stress, anxiety and fatigue and and Shannon shares the top 5 foods that you may just want to remove from your diet.

Ashley Leavy: Gemstones: Emotional & Energetic Support

What if you could keep a piece of peace in your pocket? Well you can and Ashley Leavy is going to tell us how!

Ashley Leavy is one of the world's top crystal experts and founder of Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

Ashley and Christine will be talking about the Power of Gemstones to Heal, exploring different stones for different kinds of support. Plus some ways that you yourself can work with the healing power of stones and employ this modality easily and effectively this holiday season.

Leanne Venier: Colors for Happiness and Balance

An empath herself, Leanne is a world-renowned expert in the science behind the healing effects of color, light therapy and flow states.

In addition to explore how color can support our happiness and balance, Leanne is also discussing the importance of sleep and staying physically balance in supporting yourself this holiday season.

Lucy Pearce: How Creativity Can Transform Us

From self-awareness comes Lucy Pearce, an Empath and self-aware creative. Lucy is the founder of Womancraft Publishing and the author of five empowering books for women.

Lucy shares her own challenges with energy and how tapping into her creativity and expressing it beyond her own walls has helped her to not only self-support, but also help countless women around the world.

She also shares her powerful Word & Image process that you truely do not want to miss!

Donna Nesteruk: Get A Tune-Up, Healing With Sound

Donna Nesteruk brings a logical self-healing tool to our conversation series, Sound Vibration. As energetically sensitive people, sound holds one of the most simple and powerful ways we can self-support.

Donna is focusing on OM and if you are a yogini, you are already aware of this infinitely life change universal vibration, but did you know you there is a tuning fork, tuned to OM and that you can learn to direct it's vibrational frequency. Donna's going to 'tune' us in! :-D

Christine Agro: Clear the Clutter: A Focus on Clearing Family Energy, Family Expectations and Projections (perfect for the holidays)

Join Christine Agro, Founder of The Empath’s Guide to Survival for our final call in the series. Christine will be sharing her experiential signature process ‘ Clear The Clutter.’

Your Instructor

Christine Agro
Christine Agro

Christine Agro has been helping people create lives that they love for almost 20 years now. She has a unique gift of being able to see everything as energy, and through that gift, helps people understand how and why their lives unfold as they do, plus offer tools that when used, create real and positive change.

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