Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

A 6 Month Program to Unlock and Deepen Your Personal Power and Create Flow in Your Life

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Deepen Your Spiritual Connection is a 5 month program during which you will learn to look at your life and the world around you in a whole new way.

You will learn to navigate your life with a collection of energy tools.

You will clear old programming, limiting beliefs, learn to see common experiences, like fear and pain, in their energetic states and learn how to work with that energy.

This work will take you deeper into an understanding and experience of your life as yours to create, rather than something that happens to you.

The 6 month program is a total of 20 classes and runs from December 2017 through May 2018.

Classes will be once a week will either meet on Saturdays at 10 AM ET.

Program Investment: $3000 paid in full / $3500 on a payment plan (Depending on when you sign up, your payment plan will reflect the number of months between the start of your plan and the end of the program.) See below for options.

Why Do You Need This Program?

So many of us only ever scratch the surface of what our lives can truly be. Under the surface exists the potential for a life that is full of grace, ease, flow and the ability to create what you want, when you want.

In order to move to that space, it requires some deep excavation and a shifting in the way you see and understand your inner world and the world around you.

The work in this program is all experiential. You do the energy work, you work with the tools I teach.

The more you explore, the more your life unfolds, the more you shed that which doesn't server you, that which doesn't belong to you and that which stops you from being who you truly are as a Spiritual being.

Our jounrey, if we ever get to this place, is to connect our Spirit with our body and let our Spirit lead. When we create a clear connection and live in this powerful space of alignment, we gain the ablity to instantaneously manifest those things we want and need, our needs are met, what we can have in our lives expands and our life flows. This only comes when we do the work needed.

What Is this Work Like?

In Deepen Your Spiritual Connection, you are working with someone who has spent close to 20 years looking at, working on and exploring the how, why and for what reason we are here. I see our journey in a way that few do, with clarity and insight that comes from seeing and doing. Because of this, there is nothing to compare it to. The work comes from an authentic, organic place of looking at each student, seeing what they are working on and how and identifying what is needed to create shifts and changes.

This work is simple. Because Spiritual growth is simple.

Why Should You Work With Someone?

So often we ask for answers and we ask for support, but when the answers or support show up, we don't except them, because we think they should come in some other form. If you've been asking for answers, asking for support, asking for your life to be different, this program is an answer to your requests.

We are open to paying for guidance to learn a trade, but oftentimes we resist paying for a program that supports our own growth. Either we don't think it's ok to invest in ourselves, we are taught to tough it out and push our way through, or we have fear come up.


Let' start with the fear. When it comes to this work especially, I've come to see fear as a gate-keeper that stops you and creates a moment in which you can explore your own values, your own beliefs, explore what you can have and what you can't have. Fear tests you to see how much you want this. Fear (and the degree of fear) lets you know how much you can actually grow when you step into something. A lot of fear, means you have a lot to shift, heal and change. Are you ready for it? Can you have it? Look your fear in the eye and say, 'I want this. I'm ready to take this step.'


Are you worthy? Can you have it? Too often we do not do things for ourselves that will really support us and create the change we long for. We put ourselves on the back burner and put your our growth out at 'someday.' I can tell you, as long as you do this, that is where your growth will stay, you will stay stuck in whatever replay you keep having and you won't experience the power and magic and flow of a life lived in alignment. The question is, can you have it, can you invest in yourself with the knowingness that it will open the door to creating so much more. Keeping the door locked will give you more of the same.

Going It Alone

When it comes to our Spiritual Growth we oftentime try to go it alone. We read books and assimilate information in our mind. Our mental body is extremely happy because it's busy, but at the end of the day, we tend to keep that information in our mind. We know it, but we never really apply it. So the life-changing information sits on a shelf between the covers of the books, rather than being embody by you and lived by you.

When you step into a class space with me, you not only fill up your energetic tool basket with countless ways to create real change, but we do the work right in class. You clear, you heal, you shift.

We think our Spiritual journey has to be hard one, but it doesn't. Your growth is just as powerful and meaningful if you are guided in your shifts and you will grow much more quickly when you step into a place of support and community.

Structure of Class

We meet weekly on Zoom (video conference) over the period of 20 classes. Each class we focus on a topic, I teach tools, guide you through exploring the information and using the tools and we share our experiences. Sharing our experiences is very important as 1) we learn in this way and 2) this helps to bring up and move out things you might be experiencing, but left unsaid won't get cleared.

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Your Instructor

Christine Agro
Christine Agro

Christine Agro has been helping people create lives that they love for almost 20 years now. She has a unique gift of being able to see everything as energy, and through that gift, helps people understand how and why their lives unfold as they do, plus offers tools that when used, create real and positive change.

Enrollment Policy: There are no refunds once you enroll. Classes are recorded and if you cannot finish the program during the program, you can return to it whenever you want.

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